Kinmari Gloss EX (KGX)

Gloss Coated Woodfree Paper



Kinmari is one of the most widely used art paper in Japan. For an export (EX) version, it has improved its colour shade to best suit the demand in Thailand. KGX has a bright white colour surface with high smoothness. The run ability of the paper is second to none which makes it one of the most easiest art paper to print on. Surface glossiness is adjusted for the most optimum viewing condition. KGX is well suited for graphic works unlike some high gloss paper which requires the user to move the material to reduce glare. We strongly recommend KGX for your next graphical print and believes that you will not be disappointed.


Download KGX specification, please click here


For a Matt coated version of Kinmari (KMX), please click here 


Available Substances

80gsm l 89gsm l 95gsm l 104gsm l 113gsm l 118gsm l 128gsm | 157gsm


Standard Sizes

24” X 35”

25” X 36”

31” X 43”


Special Sizes

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is required for special sizes. Please contact us for more information.




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