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Invercote G (IG) is designed for graphical products and prestige packaging where an exceptional aesthetic result is desired. IG has a smooth surface tailored to reproduce the most sophisticated printed images for high demands of flawless foil and film lamination. This surface combined with IG’s structural design and embossing characteristic, makes it ideal for the packaging of luxury products. IG is recommended for high-end packaging and also for aroma and flavor sensitive products.


The printing side is triple coated and has a matt finish as a result from its composition of solid bleached primary fibres. IG has superior strength and toughness compared to board grades that contain mechanical, recycled fibres or single-ply bleached primary fibre board. IG’s strength gives several advantages in carton designing and processing, in packaging operations with the use of the package itself. A patented coating formula provides outstanding lightness, giving the end products a longer life.


Download Invercote G (IG) specification, please click here


About the upgrading Invercote G (IG) NEW!

The best C1S paperboard will receive a light coating on the reverse side which mean designer will be able to access to the high-quality reverse side printing, for example in order to print a colour shade or pattern which improves recognition and reinforces their brand. This means that the whiteness and smoothness of the reverse side has also been adjusted up.  


Available Substances

240gsm l 260gsm l 280gsm l 300gsm l 350gsm


Standard Sizes

31” X 43”

36” X 25”

43” X 31”


Special Sizes

Goods are imported in reels. Therefore sheet sizes are customizable and we are very flexible. KVB offers our signature “Ready to Print” service to save your cost and time. Please contact our sales team for more information.




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